Yoga Teacher Training

Registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours
Registered with the  Ministry of Education of Thailand



Bangkok Yoga School since the Year 2005

Bangkok Yoga School is a formal yoga school registered
under the ministry of education Thailand and the World
Yoga Alliance. It has been conducting 200 and 300 hours
of Yoga Teacher Training courses, Workshops and classes
for more than 15 years. Besides this we also organize and
invite teachers and Guru from India for special periodic
workshops and some charity donation events if someone
is in need. We proudly can say that over 2000 yoga teachers
have graduated from us working all over the World, and
our students have opened more than 300 yoga studios across
the world. We in Thailand do not need an introduction and
promotion. Our work ethic has proven to be the first and
foremost choice of someone who wants to be a yoga teacher
in thailand. Now we are open to the world.

Aim of the school

Our aim is to provide an excellent service and opportunity
for our students to become a confident teacher. We aim to
make our students professional and confident. in case a
student may have any hesitation or doubts during the
process of learning and teaching. We provide constructive
feedback and follow up with a positive mindset aiming our
students to teach naturally without any hesitation or doubts.

Course Syllabus

- Highlights of the TTC 200 Hours.
- Learning the core principles of Hatha yoga.
- Learning the yogic detoxification process to keep the body
disease free.
- Learning yoga in depth from the correct alignment,
adjustment, the benefits and timing for the poses, and how to
pronounce the name correctly in Sanskrit and link between
easy to challenging poses and other poses.
- Pranayama practices to improve inner health, understanding
bandha, kosha, chakra, and meditation affect the overall
development of human personality.
- Understanding the yogic lifestyle and science behind yogic
- It understands the importance of posture and postural
deformities and how to improve them with yoga asanas.
- Knowledge about valuable topics such as warm-up,
cool-down, and injuries. Yoga for various people.
- The sequence makes for some physical problems,
such as back pain, high blood pressure, etc., and
psychological issues, such as
insomnia and depression.


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