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Registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours
Registered with the  Ministry of Education of Thailand

Why must I learn TTC at Bangkok yoga ?

Bangkok Yoga has been a pioneer with Yoga services
and Teacher Training. We are still the number 1 in
Thailand with zero cost advertising and our school
shows up Top on google search (if you search in
thai language). Mostly students come to train with
us by simply listening word of mouth about us or simple
facebook posts, which shows the authenticity of our training.
We have well experienced teachers and a perfect
environment, the same as any other formal learning institution
may have. We train upcoming teachers with guidance,
homework and take exams both written and practical.
Students understand their own performance by evaluating
their grades and feedback. We help them restructure their
sequences and verbal cues and also adjustments skills
and make sure they pass the exam with proper teaching
skills. We aim our students to become a positive skillful
teacher for beginners, and continue to grow with short
and long courses after training ends. We train more than
any other teacher training course in Thailand, with
compassion, positivity and guidance. Must visit to feel
our vibes.


Some highlights about Master Mohit Kumar

What is pranayama. ?




- Master Mohit started practicing hatha yoga and meditation
at 14 and has begun integrating these practices into his
- He has studied for a master's degree in sports sciences and
participated in various yoga competitions from the state level
to the international level as a yoga practitioner, won several
medals, and practiced many forms of yoga Hatha and Ashtanga.
- He then develops impeccable skill and technique by
combining all his experiences into his solid yet gentle style.
He was awarded second best professional yoga teacher
in Asia in the year 2015.
- He believes that yoga is an education that brings good health
to the body & mind, and more importantly, it's the way to connect
with oneself and deepen understanding of life.
He passionately wants to share his knowledge with others
- His vast knowledge and understanding of yoga and teaching
experience of more than one decade and teaching experience
for grade 1 kids to 80 years old will help you to be a successful
yoga teacher.


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